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USBDM incorrectly complains about breakpoints

Question asked by Uri Bendelac on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2015 by pgo

Hi pgo,


Sometimes the following happens when debugging with USBDM from KDS:

I have just one breakpoint set (and maybe one temporary breakpoint). I try to run till a location, but the debugger complains that I do not have enough breakpoints (although the KL27Z256 I use has two). I go to the single breakpoint I have and do a remove all. When I step, USBDM still complains about lack of breakpoints, although it will step. However, when I try to step over a line, it will instead step into it. It seems as if USBDM is stuck believing it has already used up all its available breakpoints, and even doing a "remove all" will not convince it otherwise.


Any work around?