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KW21 - Zigbee Receive Broadcast Message Callback

Question asked by cguarneri Employee on Oct 27, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2015 by Earl Orlando Ramirez Sanchez

We are trying to validate our system’s ability to handle broadcast messages in ZigBee.

We believe we have the stack configured properly and are looking at the proper callback for where we expect a broadcast message to be received from.


The question is how do we receive broadcast messages in the application?


We are using the KW21 with Beestack 4.0.1.


Here are more details :


When testing the OTA Notify Image cluster command message, we run into an issue when receiving a command that has been broadcast to all networks.

We will receive the message and echo it across the network, but it is not sending the message to the application layer to be checked.

The router device does receive the message because it is echoing said message over the air.


Testing Message:

OTA Image Notify,

Destination address = 0xFFFF,

Destination endpoint = 0xFF