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Grouping components in KDS(processor expert)

Question asked by Arun Kumar on Oct 27, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2015 by Erich Styger


Is it possible to group a set of components in KDS?


For example ,if i have an SPI_MasterLDD and a couple of Bit IOs LDD,can i group them into one and later if i add the group the same components with the same settings can be used in any future projects?

Note:I do not want to create a new component all together,just to group them into one single unit.

I really like processor expert ,but it would be really helpful if there was a simple button to do this.

Just select all the components you want to group(in the components view),right click and there should be an option "group" or something similar.


In code warrior ,we have a similar setting.When you right click on the component we get an option "Save component settings as template" which is missing in KDS


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