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Build a mainline Linux for twr-ls1021a

Question asked by Takumi Shimada on Oct 27, 2015



I found a dtb file for ls1021a-twr in the mainline Linux.

I want to use the mainline Linux kernel, and I tried to build and run on the twr-ls1021a board.

But, after jumping to the kernel with U-Boot "bootm" command and printing "Starting kernel ...", it printed nothing.

I built it with "multi_v7_defconfig" and "imx_v6_v7_defconfig".

Linux version is 3.19.0.

U-Boot version is 2015-04.

In this version, I succeed to boot the Freescale's Linux kernel (ls1021a/linux.git - Freescale LS1021A Linux source repository. )


Is there any right way to configure the kernel?