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How to boot from parallel nor flash on IMX6SoloLite

Question asked by Fisher He on Oct 26, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2015 by Fisher He


    I use imx6sololite, and I have tested that my board can boot from SD card and SPI Flash, also I can read and write parallel nor flash(use EIM bus) when boot from SD card correctly.

But when I use MFG Tool to download the uboot and kernal to nor flash, it failed. I know that because the official EVK of imx6sololite has no paralled nor flash, and the MFG Tool

can't support ubooting from nor flash. And I found that IMX6Q-AUTO has paralled nor flash support. So the question is:

    How to config a MFG Tool that can support parallel nor flash on IMX6Sololite?Or is anyone has tools already?


    Also, a emergent way to solve the problem temporarily is to boot from SD card, then write the boot code to nor flash. I try that way, but when I wirte the boot code to flash,

switch the boot mode to flash boot. it failed too.Because the boot doesn't start, it can't get any information from UART, so I don't know where it stops.