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Updating T4240QDS boot from SDK v1.5 to v1.8

Question asked by ch6 on Oct 26, 2015
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I am attempting to update a T4240QDS from SDK v1.5 to 1.8. However, I would like to leave bank 0 alone and only update bank 4 with the new u-boot.


Here are the changes that were made to the alternate bank (bank 4) from bank 0, using images from SDK v1.8:

- RCW at 0xec000000

- U-boot at 0xebf40000

- Fman ucode at 0xebf00000

- U-boot env at 0xebf20000 (with mods to ubootaddr and fman_ucode env vars to the SDK v1.8 NOR flash memory mapping)


When switching to the alternate bank (either with command "qixis altbank" or changing SW6[1:4] to 0100), the system hangs and there is no debug output to the serial terminal.


Is this the correct way to update to the newer SDK? Or do both banks need to be updated to SDK v1.8 since the NOR flash memory map is different?