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USB file read is slower

Question asked by virendra patel on Oct 26, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2015 by cguarneri



We have a customized board based on K61fx512, We have a bootloader and application running on it.


We are using bootloader based on MQX OS which supports the USB. Bootloader code detect the USB and copy the .exe file from USB and write it to flash.

We have used demo code for USB from TWRK70 and using as USB Host for full speed mode.


Our exe is around 2.2 MB of size, and the current bootloader USB code takes almost 1 min to read the exe file from USB.

This time is very much compare to USB supported speed, we are assuming that this file should transfer in 1 or 2 sec.


Can someone tell us, why the time required to read 2MB file from USB is very high?