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What's the difference between Driver Suite 10.4 and PEx for Kinetis 3.0.0 (Eclipse plugins)

Question asked by robert-lightwaverf on Oct 23, 2015
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I'm in the middle of setting up my enviroment for Kinetis development. I prefer to use pure Eclipse build, not prebuild IDE, that's why I want to use PE plugin for Eclipse. I prefer to use Eclipse in newer version, but what I read is that Luna is not supported in 10.4 but when I installed 10.4 plugin in Keppler I could not add Kinetis SDK to my projects.

What are main difference between versions in my topic? And what should I pick to develop my software, mostly working on Kinetis L.


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I succesfully installed Driver Suite 10.4 on Eclipse Keppler, but couldnt install PEx_for_Kinetis_3.0.0_Install_into_Eclipse_3.7_4.2_4.3, I also was able to install PEx_for_Kinetis_3.0.0_Install_into_Eclipse_4.4 on Juna but had a problems with updates - I made different post about it.