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imx6dl gpios

Question asked by lin w on Oct 22, 2015

In IMX6dl  system, I got this info below, I was wondering what's the relation between gpio-29 and usb_h1_vbus????

where can I get the info about the connection about this pins,    gpio-29---------usb_h1_vbus

I wanna figure out   which gpio is relate to DI0_PIN15  -----------  ??? which gpio???

cuz I wanna config DI0_PIN15 to LCD_ENABLE signle in DEVICE TREE, I need the gpio number


GPIOs 0-31, platform/209c000.gpio, 209c000.gpio:

gpio-2   (BT power enable     ) out lo

gpio-4   (Volume Up           ) in  hi

gpio-5   (Volume Down         ) in  hi

gpio-9   (microphone detect   ) in  lo

gpio-29  (usb_h1_vbus         ) out lo


GPIOs 32-63, platform/20a0000.gpio, 20a0000.gpio:

gpio-32  (2198000.usdhc cd    ) in  hi

gpio-33  (2198000.usdhc ro    ) in  hi

gpio-34  (2194000.usdhc cd    ) in  hi

gpio-35  (2194000.usdhc ro    ) in  hi

gpio-63  (sensor-supply       ) out lo


GPIOs 64-95, platform/20a4000.gpio, 20a4000.gpio:

gpio-83  (miniPCIE Power On   ) out lo

gpio-86  (usb_otg_vbus        ) out lo

gpio-93  (Power Button        ) in  hi


GPIOs 96-127, platform/20a8000.gpio, 20a8000.gpio:

gpio-105 (spi_imx             ) out lo

gpio-106 (wm8962-supply       ) out lo


GPIOs 128-159, platform/20ac000.gpio, 20ac000.gpio:


GPIOs 160-191, platform/20b0000.gpio, 20b0000.gpio:

gpio-171 (?                   ) out lo

gpio-174 (mipi_dsi_pwr_on     ) out lo

gpio-175 (hannstar-cabc       ) out lo

gpio-176 (hannstar-cabc       ) out lo


GPIOs 192-223, platform/20b4000.gpio, 20b4000.gpio:

gpio-200 (headphone detect    ) in  lo


GPIOs 250-255, i2c/0-001a, wm8962, can sleep: