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Load a tile bmp in an opengl texture

Question asked by Jorge Fernandez on Oct 23, 2015
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I would like to benchmark my application using different image formats for textures. I'm trying standard bmps,

tiled bmps and the tiled bmp in raw version. To create the tiled versions I'm using vTexture from the Vivante Toolkit.


The toolkit has a sample '' with a 123.bmp. I've generated a tiled bmp from this image with:


vTextureTools.exe -t -src 123.bmp


This generates 123-tiled.bmp


I've generated too the same tile but in raw format with:


vTextureTools.exe -t -r -src 123.bmp


This generates 123-tiled-bgra8888.raw


I've followed the tutorial8.cpp in order to create succesfully a texture from the tiled file in raw format (the 123-tiled-bgra8888.raw file)

but I've no luck doing the same with the bmp one (123-tiled.bmp). Any hint or code?