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iMX6 IPU1 DISP1 and other things

Question asked by Adrian Thewlis on Oct 23, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2015 by Adrian Thewlis

I must admit, the more I read the iMX6DQ manual, the more confused I get! I would love a tutorial or a diagram that explains it all, but failing that here are some specific questions:


1) Are the IPU1_DISP1 pins associated with IPU1_DI1? Do I need to send the data to DI1 to get the signals out of DISP1?


2) Assuming the above is true. If I am only using DISP1/DI1 and not DISP0/DI0, would the data be primary flow or secondary flow? Which DMA channel is used?


3) The IDMAC has 50 channels, all with specific functions. The DC has 10 channels... what are they, and do they have specific functions? The SDK uses Channel5 for RGB output to DISP0... would I use something different for DISP1?


4) The DC doc. refers to 4 displays. In the SDK Display#2 is used for the RGB output. However changing that value to 0,1 or 3 seems to have no effect. What is the significance of the display number?