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DDR3 of ECC/TWR-VF65GS10(rev.G).

Question asked by soichi yamamoto on Oct 22, 2015
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I use TWR-VF65GS10(rev.G).

And I use ECC option of DDR3.


I tested DDR3 in 'ecc_tests.c' which I attached. And there is no error.


The 'twrvf65gs10_ddr_ecc.mac'file which I attached is macro of IAR EWARM.

I carry out this macro before carrying out Program in DDR3.

However, Program is hung up on the way.


I want to know the reason.



When I use ECC option of DDR3, is the setting of the 'twrvf65gs10_ddr_ecc.mac' file which I attached right?


I enabled ECC option of DDR3, and have you moved Program? Or have you carried out Program such as U-Boot?

If there is Program at that time, give me it.


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