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KL17Z Flash Security Protection FPROT and FSEC using fsl_flash KDS component

Question asked by on Oct 22, 2015
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Hi all,


I'm using MKL17Z256VFM4 on KDS for our project: for data storage I'm using the high-level component "fsl_flash" provided with Kinetis SDK driver.


I have this question: how should I do to protect the whole code-flash area? I mean, how to set FPROT register from Flash Configuration Field, that then affects FTFA_FSEC register?


On datasheet I read that it has to be set in the boot/reset sequence, so I think not in main.c module, am I right?

But, I dont see any way to pre-set the FPROT register directly from Processor Expert.

I see this setting in the low-level "Init_FTFL", but I cannot set it in the high-level one, and I dont want to have to use low-level component.


How can I do?


Thanks in advance!