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How to acquire the path of file(use Batch Burner Language)

Question asked by 明超 戴 on Oct 22, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2015 by Pascal Irrle

I am using batch burner to generate .bin file,now I want to acquire the path of file with bbl ,but I did not find the information,the command as follows.

baudRate: Baudrate for Serial Communication
busWidth: Data Bus Width
CLOSE: Close Open File or Communication Port
dataBit: Number of Data Bits
destination: Destination Offset
DO: For Loop Statement List
ECHO: Echo String onto Output Window
ELSE: Else Part of If Condition
END: For Loop End or If End
FOR: For Loop
format: Output Format
header: Header File for PROM Burner
IF: If Condition
len: Length to be Copied
OPENCOM: Open Output Communication Port
OPENFILE: Open Output File
origin: EEPROM Start Address
parity: Set Communication Parity
PAUSE: Wait until Key Pressed
SENDBYTE: Transfer Bytes
SENDWORD: Transfer Word
SLINELEN: SRecord Line Length
SRECORD: S-Record Type
swapByte: Swap Bytes
THEN: Statementlist for If Condition
TO: For Loop End Condition
undefByte: Fill Byte for Binary Files

There are not the related command which I need ,can you help me ?thank you!