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i.mx6 HAB secure boot freeze at hab_rvt_entry

Question asked by ZC Tee on Oct 22, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2015 by ZC Tee

Hi all,

I am trying to implement the HAB functionality into the uboot for my i.mx6 system.

I failed to do so as my uboot always get freeze at hab_rvt_entry

I had done some searching, and found out post below:

i.MX6 Secure Boot HAB API within U-Boot calls freezing


However, my system still freeze at the same location after i enable the CAAM clock by doing the following:

void hab_caam_clock_enable(void)


       u32 reg = 0;

       reg = readl(CCM_BASE_ADDR + CLKCTL_CCGR0); /* CCGR0 */

       reg |= 0x3F00; /*CG4 ~ CG6, enable CAAM clocks*/

       writel(reg, CCM_BASE_ADDR + CLKCTL_CCGR0);


       reg = readl(CCM_BASE_ADDR + CLKCTL_CCGR6); /* CCGR6 */

       reg |= 0x0C00; /*CG5, enable CAAM clocks*/

       writel(reg, CCM_BASE_ADDR + CLKCTL_CCGR6);



Can anyone advice me on what is going wrong? Is there something that i missed?

I am using u-boot 2009.08.


*in the uboot console, i always get

HAB Configuration: 0x00, HAB State: 0x00

Does it means anything?


Thank you.