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FSL_USB_STACK processor expert component with MQXlite

Question asked by niranjanbc on Oct 21, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by Marek Neuzil

I am using the FSL_USB_STACK Processor expert component with MQXLite.

I had to tweak little bit with vector configuration.

With this now USB Enumeration works, and I am able to see the “virtual com port” on PC.

But now this screwed up with MQXlite itself, none of the tasks are running.

It is in loop all time in function “_pend_svc” at below location.



ldr r2, [r1, #0] /* address of first td */

cmp r2, r1 /* ready_q structure itself? */

bne switch_task

ldr r1, [r1, #RQ_NEXT_Q]            /* try next queue */

movs r1, r1

bne find_noempty_que


/* r1 is 0 -> empty */


/* TODO set system task ??? */


/* enable all interrupts (r1 = 0) */

/* TODO maybe (maybe not necessary) restore PendSV priority and BASEPRI after wfi */

msr BASEPRI, r1


ldr r1, =0xE000ED20 /* SHPR3 */

ldr r2, =0xff

strb r2, [r1, #2]


/* wait for interrupt */

cpsie.n i


cpsid.n i