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Video playback issues

Question asked by Ian Craig on Oct 22, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2015 by Bio_TICFSL



I wonder if anyone can help with a couple of video playback issues.


My setup is a core-image-sato build with gstreamer and chromium using the "Fido" branch of the fsl-community-bsp and I am playing a H.264 video file.


1. Using the media player playback is good but if I put the display in to portrait mode using "xrandr" playback of the same video file is not good. CPU usage for gtk-play goes from 12% to 40%. Does anyone know if there are issues with hardware acceleration in portrait mode or a way to fix this.


2. I've built chromium but I can't play any H.264 files at all. Does anyone know if chromium can play these files or how I go about getting them to play.