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Fastpath streaming camera video setup during kernel startup

Question asked by willie mah on Oct 21, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by vikash patil

I am currently developing an IMX6 solo device in which I need to stream its native camera video to its LCD soon after the device is turned on.  My device has a uboot, kernel, and spi-nor based filesystem.  I have successfully enabled such video through uboot but haven't been succeeded with kernel yet.  Waiting until userspace is active for such video is not an option, since it is too long a delay (even with kernel boot optimizations applied).  My goal is to have video within 3 seconds of power up.  I would also like to keep intact most video/media related drivers (i.e. IPU, GPU, V4Lx, camera, framebuffer, LCD) since my application eventually needs them.   I am using a 2014 uboot with 3.14 kernel and plan to use a UBI filesystem.  My custom imx6 solo board is based on Freescale's Sabresd DL dev board.


I am wondering if anyone in the community has done anything like this and willing to share thoughts or solutions?


Good day!