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fsl-elo-dma Transfer Error

Question asked by Beretta Guillaume on Oct 21, 2015

Under Linux 3.12.19, I'm using T1042 DMA engine to transfer data between CPU memory and FPGA memory (view as a  1MB BAR space on PCIe). From the CPU to the FPGA, the transfer works whatever the size. But from the FPGA to the CPU, the transfer works with a maximum length of 255 bytes and doesn't work from a length of 256 bytes.


PCIE error(s) detected
PCIE ERR_DR register: 0x00800000
PCIE ERR_CAP_STAT register: 0x80000001
PCIE ERR_CAP_R0 register: 0x00000800
PCIE ERR_CAP_R1 register: 0x00000000
PCIE ERR_CAP_R2 register: 0x00000000
PCIE ERR_CAP_R3 register: 0x00000000
fsl-elo-dma ffe100300.dma: chan0: Transfer Error!

fsl-elo-dma ffe100300.dma: chan0: irq: unhandled sr 0x00000080


Thank you for your help.