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IVT and linker file for boot from QSPI (SoloX)

Question asked by ozu on Oct 21, 2015
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Can someone post a working example of an image (not having uboot) that boots from QSPI? I am able to boot from QSPI using uboot, which means my qspi config parameters are ok and also my manufacturing tool settings are ok!! Instead of Uboot, when i flash an image with ivt in it, at an offset 0x1000, i dont get any errors while flashing, but the application does not work.


I have read almost all the posts related to QSPI, could not figure out what is wrong with my image. I need an example of IVT and linker file, which when compiled with application, will boot from QSPI. I tried both - using a linker file with QSPI addresses (XIP approach) and using linker file with OCRAM addresses (non XIP), both are not working.