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setting watchpoints in Codewarrior for MCUs

Question asked by Nancy Neff on Oct 20, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2015 by Nancy Neff

I have figured out how to set a watch point so it appears in the list on the Breakpoints tab, and how to enter a variable in the Expressions tab to get the current value in the Value column.  What I can't seem to do is get the IDE to actually stop when the expression listed on the Breakpoints tab is true.  I know it's true sometimes because if I stop the debugger at certain times, I can see the global variable now has that value, but I'm trying to find out when/where it first acquires that value.  I've read the complete (miniscule) section on breakpoints and watchpoints in the documentation, and have searched the Eclipse forums for a clue, without success.  The watchpoint is the only breakpoint of any type I have set (all the other checkboxes in the list are blank), so I know it's not my previous problem of exceeding the (again miniscule) number of breakpoints this processor supports.


Sorry if this is a simple-minded question, but I can't figure it out and I'd be grateful for any help.  I'm running Codewarrior for MCUs version 10.6, and debugging a FRDM board KE06Z with a Kinetis MKE06Z128VLK4.  The expression I've set as a watchpoint is "SavedError == SOLENOID_2_ERROR".


Thank you for any help you can offer!