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USB support in Freescale Android 5.0.2 BSP

Question asked by Anjalik Krishna on Oct 21, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by CarlosCasillas

Hi ,


    I am using Freescale SabreSD board with Android 5.0.2 booting successfully. I need to test REALTEK Wi-Fi Dongle with RTL8192DU chipset support. The Dongle is detecting as "Realtek Semiconductor Corp" in my ubuntu PC when I issue the lsusb command. Since the board does'nt have any USB port, I am using the USB OTG Port and connecting the Wireless USB 2.0 Adaptor using a usb to usb connector. All the cables are tested and working fine. I have enabled the  USB, OTG, Wireless USB Device Management options  in the kernel configuration. Still the wireless adaptor shows no dmesg prints when connected or disconnected.Also no dmesg prints when the mouse is connected / disconnected .Attaching the  kernal .config file  also the boot log with the mouse and dongle connected to the board prior to booting .


What are the other kernel usb options to be enabled to make the usb devices to  work.



Any idea why USB devices are not working?

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