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HDMI to CSI MIPI for i.MX 6Quad

Question asked by Jose Shen on Oct 20, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2017 by ROBERTO LUO

Hello all,


We want to use the TC358743XBG.

TC358743XBG is 1.2V level for MIPI CSI, but i.MX 6Q is 2.5V level for MIPI CSI.

Both TC358743XBG and i.MX supported same MIPI-DPHY but in different version CSI-2 interface.

AS you may know, TC358743+i.MX6 is a successfully working case in the market.

i.MX 6Q seems older than TC358743XBG so i.MX MIPI level is higher, so could you double check if i.MX 6Q can support MIPI 1.2V level or you have the recommended level shifter IC for MIPI CSI?


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