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PLL Clock change issue on MQX 3.8.1

Question asked by Luciano Moretti on Oct 19, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2015 by Luciano Moretti

I've got a K70 based MQX 3.8.1 project I've inherited, and I need to change the DDR frequency to 150Mhz from the bsp default of 120Mhz.  I've changed the bsp_cm.h file from:


#define CPU_PLL_FLL_CLK_HZ_CONFIG_0    120000000UL




#define CPU_PLL_FLL_CLK_HZ_CONFIG_0    150000000UL


I've verified that my BSP's .a file is being updated, and even gone so far as to printf the value of CPU_PLL_FLL_CLK_HZ_CONFIG_0 from my application code, but the O-scope still says my PLL is at 120Mhz.  The above change worked in my MQX 4.1.1 projects, and I can't figure out why it hasn't had the same effect in my MQX 3.8.1 project.