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K20 (Kinetis) SRAM interfacing with Flexbus question

Question asked by Sherry Sher on Oct 19, 2015
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I had a few questions about connecting external SRAM with the K20 (specifically part# MK20FN1M0VMD12) flexbus. The SRAM in question is a cypress 256KB SRAM (part # CY7C1011DV33). Q1) Am I going to need pull resistors on the address/data pins of the flexbus? Are pull resistors recommended? (I could not find this information in the data sheets or reference manual).

Q2)What state will these pins be upon reset?

Q3) If I am not using some address pins e.g. A3 and B2, will it be okay to simply leave these pins not connected and floating?


It would really help me out if I got some answers and reasoning for these questions. Many thanks in advance.


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