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Processor Expert Component Name

Question asked by Richard Fox on Oct 16, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2015 by Richard Fox

My question deals with Processor Expert Component names.


I am using KSKD 1.3 and KDS 3.00.


When I look at the component repository, say KSDK_Repository\Beans,

I see a USB component named Init_USB_OTG_VAR0. When I look at

the component in the component library of the IDE I see Init_USB_OTG.

The suffix _VAR0 is missing. (I am comparing the IDE repository with

the Windows directory.)


I attempt to build a USB CDC project, using the USB stack component,

Processor Expert is looking for Init_USB_OTG_VAR0, and does not find

it. There are a number of components which also have a name mismatch.

(Missing _VAR0, _VAR1)


The USB stack is in the My Repository repository, while the OTG

component is in the KSDK Repository.