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Flexcan - FLEXCAN_LISTEN_MODE, activity but no messages

Question asked by Robert Lewis on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by Robert Lewis


I got the CAN example code Test.c in MQX 4.0 working between two of our boards. I can see the messages and all is well.


What I really need to do is "listen" on the bus for any message at all, so I stopped the Tx task on the listening node and changed the mode to FLEXCAN_LISTEN_MODE. I can see the signals on the bus but I never get an Rx message. The Rx task waits on an event in the MYFLEX_ISR to set, but it never does.


I was wondering if the message filter had an effect when in FLEXCAN_LISTEN_MODE?


I am not conversant in CAN but have read through the manuals and posts available. What my questions are, is there a recommended beginners reference document on FLexcan? I find the IOUG good to know how to call the api, but not very useful as to the overall picture about Flexcan and how an app should be designed for a given goal. The other question is can someone tell me how I would modify the Test.c program to work in FLEXCAN_LISTEN_MODE please?