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BAF (Boot Assit Flash) erased. Is that possible ?

Question asked by stephanedemots on Oct 16, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2015 by Peter Vlna

Hello Freescale community,


I am working on MPC5746C, to develop a FLASH driver.

And it works too well, because it seems I erased the BAF block location (at 0x00400000).


Now, when I flash and debug, the code entry  0x00404100 is empty...


MPC5747G_RM_Rev4 says about the BAF:

"It is one time programmable (OTP) and is programmed during factory test."


So I am surprised that I was able to delete this area.


So is this case possible ?

Can I reload the BAF ? how to do so ?


Note I can manually set the PC to __entry, and then the code runs as it should.