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JTAG Interface not as per IMX6SLHDG ?

Question asked by Pankaj Rana on Oct 16, 2015
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In the Hardware Dev. Guide for SoloLite - imx6slhdg.pdf document, there are recommendations provided for JTAG connections. But in the SoloLite Evaluation Kit schematics - MCIMX6SLEVK, the JTAG seems to be different.




JTAG signals.jpg




  • For JTAG_TDO it is mentioned "Do not use pullup or pulldown" still a 10K option is provided (although it is DNP)
  • JTAG_TCK has On-Chip 47K pullup (can use 10K pullup optional), but in schematics a 10K pulldown is provided.


Please let me know the HDG vs EVK changes, what JTAG device can be used for MCIMX6SLEVK.

Should we follow the SL EVK schematics or refer the IMX6SLHDG ?


~Pankaj Rana