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Save MAG CALibration Data

Question asked by Christie Su on Oct 15, 2015
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I am trying to save the following MAG calibration data:

thisMagCal.fV[0]=8.80, thisMagCal.fV[1]=61.10, thisMagCal.fV[2]=3.20, thisMagCal.fB = 45.2


thisMagCal.finvW[0][0] = 0.990,  thisMagCal.finvW[0][1] = -0.022, thisMagCal.finvW[0][2] = -0.018

thisMagCal.finvW[1][0] = -0.022, thisMagCal.finvW[1][1] = 0.996,  thisMagCal.finvW[1][2]) = -0.032

thisMagCal.finvW[2][0] = -0.018, thisMagCal.finvW[2][1] = -0.032, thisMagCal.finvW[2][2] = 1.046



See attached file for the calibration data.


After RESET/POWER ON, I copied these data to thisMagCal structure and set fFitErrorpc = 10.0F;


I checked the heading and there is the big difference between original one.

Could you tell me where I did wrong? How long it will wait for the right data?





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