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MIPI camera problem on SabreLite using LTIB (L3.0.35_4.1.0_130816_source)

Question asked by raymond man on Oct 16, 2015
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I want to develop a a driver for a OV mipi camera. Before that, I do an experiment to check the signals of ov5640 mipi camera. <FSL gnome release packages> is selected to build the image files. Then I run


1) modprobe mxc_v4l2_capture

2) modprobe /lib/modules/3.0.35-2666-gbdde708/kernel/drivers/media/video/mxc/capture/ov5640_camera_mipi.ko

3) gst-launch mfw_v4lsrc device=/dev/video0 ! vpuenc ! fakesink &


I can see the clock and data signals of I2C but MCLK (produced by PWM3) is absent. Thus, there is no response from the sensor.


I also run Dizzy/Yocto image files (core-image-sato-nitrogen6x-20141107205431.rootfs.sdcard.gz downloaded from Run the same commands and PWM3 does produce 22MHz clock signal.


Can anyone drop me some hints?


Thanks a lot!