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Problem accessing MKL27Z256M4 using USBDM

Question asked by Uri Bendelac on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2015 by Uri Bendelac

Hi pgo,


I have a board populated with either a MKL25Z128M4 or MKL27Z256M4 (they are pin compatible, the later basically with twice the flash and ram memory). I have no problem flashing and debugging the MKL25Z128M4 based board, but when I try to access the MKL27Z256M4, the debugger fails with error that the "Target device does not agree with selected". Using the stand alone ARM programmer, when I press the "Detect Chip" button, it will say it is unidentified, with Chip ID 23161d82. It will allow me to erase the chip, but not program it, reporting the same error about the Chip ID not being correct. According to the Reference Manual of this chip, document KL27P64M48SF6RM, the value 23161d82 for the SIM_SDID is indeed correct (the second 1 is the revision number and may change in the future, but all other fields are correct). It seems as if the software assumes an incorrect Chip ID? Is there a way around that?