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pressure sensor FXTH87 extra consumption in STOP1 and STOP4 modes.

Question asked by sunrme on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by Arto Ylisaukko-oja

Hi all, I have extra power consumption in STOP1 and STOP4 modes. In datasheet STOP1 - 0.5uA, STOP4 - 73uA, in my experiments STOP1 - 51.5uA, STOP4 - 134uA. In STOP1 is huge difference. So now I try to find the reason. I have the sample project"FXTH87xx11 Starter Project CW10" from freescale site, and comment measure part, so the sensor just go to STOP1 mode and wake up in 1 second, and repeat all again. The scheme the same like on SUBG MODULE X-TPMS871511-434. I have 3 difference chips (for PCR, LT and truck) the same situation. Also I demount everything except chip, resistors, and decoupling capacitors, also the same consumption. My current meter can check from 0.1 uA, I tested it. So now I research datasheet over and over again. But mb somebody had the same issue? I already waste a lot of time, and have no result.