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Migrating project from twr-k70f120m   Codewarrior 10.6   MQX 4.1 to custom board with Kinetis K61   KDS   PE

Question asked by Maciej Wdowiarz-Bilski on Oct 15, 2015
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I'd like to ask for help/advice while migrating project from Tower based module (TWR-k70f120) to MK61 based custom board.


I'm not sure which of the two following approaches are better:

  1. Create new project in KDS + KSDK + PE (MQX 4.2) for the closest KSDK-supported configuration to Kinetis MK61FN1M0xxx12 MCU, that is  TWR-K64F120M. Later, modify these board, gpio_pins and pin_mux source and header files, like mentioned here: However here, are two problems: first I've got into issue: New_Kinetis_Project.png
    second problem is the differences between MK64 and MK61 that may add a lot of additional work.
  2. Create new project KDS + KSDK + PE (MQX 4.2). In this case, not using KSDK I may choose exact MK61 MCU from the list. However here, I'm not sure if after generating code for CPU + adding my tasks from old project I need also manually add support for my BSP ? That is, I know that drivers for e.g. serial or Ethernet should be added as PE components but is it sufficient ?


Could you please tell me which solution is better for this purpose ?

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