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How to use Flexcan RxFifo

Question asked by Yaran Nan on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by Kan_Li


So i know KSDK1.2 support RxFifo. Thats the main reason i upgrade to KSDK1.2.


1. How do i use RxFifo related functions? I read API document and some topics in the

community. They dont seem helped my situation.

2. I am using KSDK1.2 + PEx at KDS3.0 and hardware I am using MK20DX256VLL10

3. There are no examples of how to use flexcan_status_t FLEXCAN_DRV_RxFifo().


Here comes the questions:

1. If possible, please somebody share me a simple code with RxFifo with KSDK1.2

2.  What different with Message buffer vs Mailboxes and RxFifo? They are confusing me

3. If my end only want to receive one node id message and i dont want to lose any message,

does that mean I need to use RxFifo over message buffer?