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How to load an image in spinor with default settings, and without uboot, on imx6

Question asked by faizan khan on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2015 by faizan khan

I am using a custom imx6 board where I dont have access to the dip switches used for boot mode selection, so its set to the default state which is boot from spi nor, I believe. Now I ultimately want it to boot from sd for which I ll force the resister settings to boot from sd, but for now I want to test the image that I ve prepared by flashing it in spi nor (assuming the default settings are spi nor) and then power cycling the board. The only problem I am facing is that all the flashing mechanisms that I have read so far assumes that there already is a uboot installed on the board and then uses the uboot to load the image on spi nor, the manufacturing tool assumes that the dip switches are set to boot from serial (which I cant). Is there any tool that I can flash the image in spi nor with....