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imx6sl  u-boot HWFLOW,  has some one updated the serial_imx.c with HWFLOW option?

Question asked by Robert Correllus on Oct 14, 2015

I have a systems using a Freewave Radio in Point-to-Point mode for a console connection.  I am working system debug and would like to be able to interrupt u-boot with a keystroke, so I can bypass booting into my application.  However at the application level flow control was added to eliminate an issue I was having transferring files.  With Flow control on  I can no longer break into the  u-boot sequence and change the start-up options, boot to application vs boot to os.


My current u-boot does not support hwflow,  it apperar to be a stubbed out function in the serial_imx.c file.  Has any one added the code to enable handshaking with a u-boot bootarg?