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With respect to the MPC5510 Microcontroller Family is it feasible to erase any single Flash core block (i.e. any single Flash core block within the ranges L0..L9, M0, M1, and H1..H7)?

Question asked by Roger Saunders on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2015 by Roger Saunders

The MPC5510 Microcontroller Family Reference Manual
MPC5510RM, Rev.3, 07/2014 Chapter 22 Flash Array and Control tables 22-8 – LMS
Field Descriptions, 22-9 – HBS Field Descriptions, and section 22.5.5 – Flash
Erase gives the impression  contiguous Flash core blocks always starting
from block 0 are erased.


For example, if I desire to erase low-address space block L3
do I simply:

    Select block L3 for erase

    Low-/Mid-Address Space Block Select
Register (LMS) LSEL[0:9] bits 0b0000000100, and

    Unlock block L3

    Set Low-/Mid-Address Space Block Locking
Register (LML) LLOCK[9:0] bits 0b1111111011 ?