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Trace versus SDHC on K64

Question asked by Mark Sample on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2015 by Kan_Li

Looking at the K64 tower board schematic, it has the SDHC card data and clock tied to the JTAG trace data and clock lines.  When we spin our own board for this project, we do want to keep the SDHC socket but also want to be able to use the trace capability and will only have the JTAG/trace connector, not the tower board’s separate K20 MCU for the USB debug interface.  (The SDHC and trace functions are shared on the same dedicated pins on the MCU, so this is obviously something that Freescale has thought about.)


I’m wondering how well these will coexist with each other and what we will have to do so we can debug and use an SD card without losing the trace capability?


If you have any guidance or can point to application notes or other information, I’d really appreciate the hints.