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Problem configuring PCIe inbound windows on Linux Kernel

Question asked by masasi on Oct 14, 2015
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I am trying to configure PCIe communications on my Freescale P1012 board by means of your driver fsl-pci.c


I need to configure inbound windows at addresses 0x3fe00000(PEX1) and 0x3fd00000(PEX2) but it seems that the function “setup_pci_atmu” sets a single inbound window at address 0x00000000, Am I correct? How can I proceed to configure these windows?


I have an uboot that configures my PCIe inbound and outbound windows. If I comment the setup of PCIe inbound memory window on the “setup_pci_atmu” function in the kernel(I have attached the modified fsl_pci.c file) so that the uboot configuration of the inbound windows is not modified and I start receiving PCIe messages, some processes running over the linux kernel (not using PCIe communications) give an exception such as:


maindiagupd[167]: unhandled signal 11 at 00000000 nip 0feed38c lr 10023768 code 30001

busybox[215]: unhandled signal 4 at 100a7944 nip 100a7944 lr 1000930c code 30001


If no PCIe messages are being received, the previous processes running over kernel work properly, so I suppose I need to include some information of the inbound windows for the Linux kernel. Could you please help me to understand how can I configure the addresses of the PCIe inbound windows on the driver?


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