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how to get apt-get utility working on my freescale imx6 board

Question asked by mutyalarao neelapala on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2015 by Victor Linnik

Hi all,

     I am working on freescale imx6 board (sololite), I have got uImage, u-boot and my customised root file system. I am able to flash them onto the memory card and boot and get the console(login prompt), and now I want to install some packages required for my application in order to do that I need apt-get utility. How can I get apt-get binary working on my platform.


Can I take the source code of apt-get, cross compile and execute on the platfrom??? or I need to add apt-get support to the file system, or are there any other ways that I can do this???


Please help me to move forward.


Thanks in advance,

Mutyalarao Neelapala.