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LS1021a iot Rev 1 to boot using QSPI Flash with Secure boot enabled

Question asked by arjun agarwal on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by arjun agarwal

Hi all,

      My question is why we are using the byte swap rcw to boot the ls1021a iot (rev 1, rev b) using QSPI, is there any way we can use the normally generated RCW.bin?


And if it is necessary to boot using swapped rcw then there must be some changes required for CST tool in yocto to generate hash code for u-boot image and u-boot header image also?


When we tried normal boot (i.e byte swapped rcw and u-boot), board is getting boot up but when we set SB_EN=1 bit in RCW and tried to boot the board with (rcw_swap.bin, header-u-boot.out and u-boot.bin) DUT console gets hanged up and no logs are shown then...


Please help us to debug this issue,


Thanks in advance..