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FTM Frequency not being set appropriately

Question asked by Steven Neves on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by Hui_Ma

ftm_pwm_param_t flexTimer1_ChnConfig0 = {

  .mode = kFtmEdgeAlignedPWM,

  .edgeMode = kFtmLowTrue,

  .uFrequencyHZ = 100U,

  .uDutyCyclePercent = 50U,

  .uFirstEdgeDelayPercent = 0U,



Above is my initial FTM structure (KSDK 1.2 w/MQX).  I'm driving a series of stepper motors and BLDC motors that require a fixed duty cycle but a variable frequency (0-1000 Hz).  In the above I'm looking to come up driving my motor at 10% speed (the duty cycle is always fixed at 50% as long as I want it on).  When I measure the FTM generated signal however the 100 Hz I think I'm sending is actually 1250 Hz.