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Using liquid for the pressure media in the MPXV7002?

Question asked by Alex Krassnokutski on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2015 by Alex Krassnokutski

Hi there, I recently bought three MPXV7002 pressure sensors as part of anemometer kits from hobbyking. I would like to use these sensors to measure the velocity (wash) off various propeller (impeller) designs in a water tank. The frequency response and pressure range of these pressure sensors is a good match for this application. However, I would like to fill the sensor's cavities with water so that I can eliminate any comprehensibility/lag effects associated with air.


I was thinking of injecting distilled water (or deionised water) into the cavities with a small hypodermic needle. Will this mess up the sensors readings? Alternatively, I can use oil as it is a perfect insulator, but I am not sure what type of oil to use so that it does not degrade the sensors internal components?


Anyone who can lend some useful information in this regard would be most appreciated...


Kind regards