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32 bits Math Operations HCS08

Question asked by Adriano Dangelo on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by Adriano Dangelo

Hello All,



I am new on Codewarrior and in my current project(9S08PA8) I need a 32 bits variable to receive the result of a math operation.

This variable will receive a value from a single  multiply operation(eg. ADC_result x 87).

Below a snippet of my code:



uint8_t Mult=87;

uint32_t temp=0;







What happens is that if the value of adc_result0 is below or equal to 753 (the result ocupy only 2 bytes) everything is ok, but if the adc_result0 is higher than 753 (the result does not fill in 2 bytes) the compiler casts the result to 2 bytes. My question is can the HCS08 compiler operate in 32 bits variables? If not, what workaround can I use to solve this problem? (I tried to declare the variable as dword, unsigned long, long, without success).