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audmux setting for imx53 linux ver 2.6.35 - frame sync not routing

Question asked by Muhammad Nadeem on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by Muhammad Nadeem

Hi All,

I have the following configuration for port 4 and port 5, gsm_port is port 4 (gsm module as master) and dai_port is port 5 (Audio codec as slave).


  dai_ptcr |= AUDMUX_PTCR_SYN;

  gsm_ptcr |= AUDMUX_PTCR_SYN;


  gsm_pdcr |= AUDMUX_PDCR_RXDSEL(dai_port);

  dai_pdcr |= AUDMUX_PDCR_RXDSEL(gsm_port);


/* set Tx frame direction and source  gsm_port--> dai_port output */ 

  dai_ptcr |= AUDMUX_PTCR_TFSDIR;

  dai_ptcr |= AUDMUX_PTCR_TFSSEL(AUDMUX_FROM_TXFS, gsm_port);


  /* set Tx Clock direction and source gsm_port--> dai_port output */

  dai_ptcr |= AUDMUX_PTCR_TCLKDIR;

  dai_ptcr |= AUDMUX_PTCR_TCSEL(AUDMUX_FROM_TXFS, gsm_port);


My problem is that I can see the clock and data routed properly to audio codec but I cannot see the frame sync routed to the audio codec


Thanks in advance for any help with this issue


M . Nadeem