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Imx6 fsl-image-qt console question (Qt 5.2.1)

Question asked by Edward Tyrrell on Oct 12, 2015
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Quick question, I have a custom imx6 board loaded with Freescale's fsl-image-qt5 and for application development I'm using Qt Creator (Qt 5.2.1) When I make a simple console application and run it on the custom board from Qt Creator on my desktop, I do not see anything happen on the boards display (e.g a new terminal appears). I can create and load a GUI application and that displays so I know I can remotely run applications. In Qt's application output window I do see a tab labelled ... (on remote device) appear and in this window I get the text I should from the remote application. Is this normal? Am I actually running code on the board but seeing stdout test returned to Qt?