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Question asked by Sunil Singh on Oct 13, 2015

Dear Expert,


We are facing the issue with MCR20 Module with Range extender TI(CC2592). like:




We have tested SMAC stack code on FRDMKL26 and MCR20A evolution kit and is working fine.

There are two changes between the my custom board and evolution board are:


1- Custom board  having KL26(256KB) and MCR20A +CC2592


Problem Summary:

Whenever We transmit the packet like:40 packates then We are receiving only 25 packates and not able to get IRQ status.

I probed the interrupt the pin whenever the data is out from the MCR20A ,I got status  low of IRQ Seems the issue with STACK.

Can any one please help me out this is really  urgent for me,Early replay shall be greatly appreciated.

Let me know if more information required or call me "9574122434".