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How to enable and access i2c bus 3 in kernel?

Question asked by naveennvn on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2015 by naveennvn

Hi all,

     I'm using LS2085A board. By default i2c bus 0 is selected , there we can able to read and write the register values.

     I need to read the register values from i2c bus 3.

     In u-boot i can able to read those registers. For selecting i2c bus 3 i used "i2c dev 3" command.


     But in kernel i can't able to select and read the i2c bus 3.I tried via accessing /dev/i2c-3 but i'm not getting.  I don't know how to select the bus 3.


     Can any one help me on this?


     Thanks in advance,