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HSYNC - normal polarity and edge triggered?

Question asked by benhenricksen on Oct 9, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2015 by benhenricksen

I've been going through the IMX6 manual and can't find a definitive statement of how HSYNC works on the CSI parallel inputs.

Is the normal polarity "High"? (I know you can invert with CSIx_HSYNC_POL, but which is it normally?)

Is the hsync triggered by the rising edge? Does it care how long it is high for?      And consequently if we had a positive going HRef signal (i.e. it stays high for all of the line's active data), would this still work?



Just trying to get a UYVY camera going on the parallel input. Based on some OV5640 example from eConSystems. Hoping to use Gstreamer once it's working.